Das CHROM & + DU


Chor(e)ographie : Va Wölfl von und mit : Izaskun Abrego Olano, Armin Biermann, Alfonso Bordi, Gerald Butolen, Nicholas Mansfield, Senem Gökçe Ogultekin, Guido Orgs, Edgar Sandoval Díaz, Judith Wilhelm, Susanna Keye, Peter Bellinghausen, Alexander Collatz, Jürgen Grohnert, Thomas Schneider, Stefanie Kusenberg ; VA Wölfl

Boxes filled with hundreds of books that will be gradually dispersed, trampled on – invading space like goods emptied of content: it is around this allegory that Va Wölfl’s new play is written. A visual and mental trap, which conceals an implacable mechanism under the beauty of the painting. The book – object, scenography, ground, but also cultural referent – “The book must make machine with something, it must be a small tool on an outside” (G..Deleuze). The scene makes machine with the book, becomes an enlargement of this image; as if all the pages had merged, fragments of culture emerge, overtaken by the endemic violence that animates the bodies. A pas de deux turns into a fight to the death, a Rilke sonnet into a brutal utterance, a jazz tune into dissonance. The dancers unwrap the books, spread them on the floor, bounce off them, make a movement, fall, get up. Muffled echoes, haunting refrains return, ever more disturbing – like that soft then shrill trumpet that all manipulate. On a raft made up of cultural debris, where lights, bodies and colors are madly arranged, Va Wölfl presents us with a multiplied vanity; an apocalypse symphony where the volumes of paper and the volumes of flesh become the notes of a larger rumor, the subversive instruments of form. The art is to drop bombs. “Standing still is the only explosion.